Tuesday, August 23, 2011

UBS Lawyer Client’s Account

UBS Lawyer Client's Account is specially designed to keep tracks of Trust Accounts activities mainly but not restricted only to legal firms. Such system helps ensure movement of client's monies placed with a trustee account fulfilled the audit requirement as well as for better management. Adoption of such system also enable clients trust account being managed separately from trustee's own office accounts hence ensure better accountability of the client monies at any point of time.

Product Overview:

- Paperless maintenance and records of clientele information for easy retrieval
- Simplified way of trial balance and reconciSimplified way of trial balance and reconciliation
- Complete entries of client's account transaction
- Easy steps to maintain and print account statements

- Account maintenance (client's bank account, other account)
- Client's case file maintenance
- Foreign currency
- Transaction by project
- Print official receipt
- Print payment voucher
- Year end processing
- Menu control manager

- Transaction listing by batch
- Batch summary
- Trial balance
- Clients’ accounts balances
- Bank accounts balances
- Other accounts balances
- Bank accounts balances
- Bank reconciliation statement
- Tax listing
- Project report
- Print transaction summary
- Print statement by case files

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