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UBS Payroll 2012 & UBS Payroll Start

Sage UBS Payroll comes in 2 separate package, Sage UBS Payroll Start and Sage UBS Payroll 2012. Sage UBS Payroll Start is for setup with up to 10 employees while Sage UBS Payroll 2012, bundled with HRM, comes ready to fit 25 employees.

Sage UBS Payroll 2012 is scalable by multiple of 25 or 50 employees to meet your business and workforce growth and have your investment well protected.


  • Quick Entry
       - Enables management of 'Allowances', 'Deductions', 'Overtime' and 'Others' in a single screen
       - Able to view total summary For each payroll entry before payroll processing

  • Supported bank formats for your convenience
       - AmBank For Salary & Statutory
       - Public Bank for EPF
       - Maybank for Tax, EPF, SOCSO (HR Pay V6.4)
       - OCBC Bank For Salary (Singapore)
       - DBS Bank For Salary (Singapore)

  • 12 months Figure Update
       - Ability to view and check changes made by users
       - Provide accountability, traceability on unauthorized changes, error and problem detection

  • Government Reports
       - PCB2(11)
       - CP22A
       - CP22
       - TP1/TP2
       - CP39
       - CP8
       - EA Form
       - Income Tax
       - KWSP Borang A
       -  SOCSO Borang 8A / 2 /3

  • Wizard for Setup & Employee
    Setup Wizard is made available during initial setup with step-by-step guide to set up necessary data in the system
    Employee Wizard provide step-by-step guide to enter relevant information required for a new employee

  • User Interface
       - Task / Process flows on the dashboard For direct access to the entry screen
       - Applicable For Personal File Maintenance, Payroll processing and Government reports

  • Previous Year Tax Calculation
       - Tax calculation For previous year (From year 2011 onwards) can be viewed From Personnel File Maintenance.

  • Director Fee
       - Able to be calculated as fixed or variable income via setting at Personnel File Maintenance

  • Features Matrix 


HR Administration Templates

Inclusive in the software are 17 professionally written and designed templates which will be able to assist in making the basic requirement and administration of Human Capital with ease and speed. Just click on the appropriate letter template, make the necessary changes, save and print— it is just that SIMPLE!

This will ease the nightmares of drafting proper HR letters, employment contracts and other documentations with regards to basic HR matters. The templates also assist to improve the standard and image projection of the organization in administration of Human Capital.

The 17 templates cover the following areas of Human Capital management:-

  • New Hire / Within Probation (5 templates)
  • Employee Movement (4 templates)
  • Employee Performance (1 template)
  • Employee Disciplinary (5 templates)
  • Employee Leaving (2 templates)


  • Mobile License (Add On Module - UBS Mobile (Need to extra pay for this module)

From versatility to Flexibility and convenience, Sage UBS mobile license allows user to continue working with the system anywhere, anytime; even when out of the office.

Sage UBS Mobile license allows you to take' your license with you and work remotely on any workstation outside the office. With a virtual' dongle, you can tap all the benefits of being mobile and avoid the potential replacement cost of  damaged or lost dongle.

In a multi-user environment, other users can still continue to work on the system in the office as their licenses will not be affected at all!


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