Saturday, January 14, 2012

UBS Update : Register your UBS dongle now.

Sage is running an information campaign to all UBS users whom are currently utilizing the dongle from previous versions of UBS market leading product.



The campaign has 2 clear objectives for UBS users.

1. To protect users from illegal copies of UBS product, UBS are launching a registration campaign to make sure the consumers are adequately protected.

2. To protect the right of users to be able to upgrade their products in the future based on a registered, legal copy of our products.

This registration process ends in 31 January 2012. Please make sure you beat the deadline.

It is very important to note that after 31 January 2012, only customers with registered licenses or have proof of purchase will be eligible to upgrade their existing license to the latest version. This means that from 1 February 2012, we will only be able to offer a Version Upgrade to customers with registered licenses, and to those who can provide proof of purchase.

For enquiry, please call 03-91722228. For more detail please visit

Thursday, January 05, 2012

UBS Update: UBS 9.6 release

The natural evolution for every business is, of course, to progress and grow in size.  However, more business owners these days are finding it hard to find a balance between operational costs and expansion while in the process of moving forward. Understanding these needs, Sage UBS:nine (Version 6) is introduced as a business management software that aims to lower operational cost and reduce risk for a more profitable and sustainable business.

Sage UBS:nine (Version 6) is divided into two modules; the first being the Accounting module, which comes with all the basic accounting functions, such as cash flow management, accounting processes, multi-currency, budgeting and accounts consolidation, to name a few.

The second module, Inventory and Billing, offers management of inventory, purchase process, sales and price, amongst other features.

The incorporation of Electronic Credit Card Transfer Terminal (ECCT), which accepts payments from ATM, debit and credit cards, also enables data to be transferred automatically upon processing to reduce the likelihood of human errors.

As an instrument of growth, Sage UBS: nine supports up to 10 concurrent users and unlimited number of administration (companies). 

For enquiry, please call 03-91722228. For more detail please visit