Thursday, June 19, 2014

UBS Update: UBS Accounting – ePayMaster

ePayMaster is the ultimate internet banking solution for all business. It allows you to send payment instructions directly from your UBS software. To enhance further the security of transactions, there are separates roles for prepare and authorize of payment instructions. With the flexibility of today’s lifestyle you can choose to authorize the payments using highly secure methods via your mobile phone or the internet.

Additionally, ePayMaster provides reconciliation facilities. In business, it is all about managing your cash flow effectively.

This solution reduce issue on:

- Having reconciliation headaches,

- Signatory not available,

- No parking or long queues at the bank,

- Tired of preparing manual cheque.

Your benefits:

- Only one format required,

- WIDE range of panel banks,

- Auto bank reconciliation.

Electric payments save your money with more competitive bank rates and less travel cost. Flexible to transfer ta any bank (IBG). It simplifies the payment process without multiple bank formats, uploading and downloading of files and so on (Saving vary between banks).

Real time automatic bank reconciliation saves time and minimize errors. Proper data encryption and fraud control (in line with Bank Negara financial industry guidelines) secures your internet banking transactions.


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For upgrading software & new purchase; please call 03-91722228. For more detail please visit

Saturday, June 14, 2014

UBS Update: GST e-Voucher worth RM1000

SMEs can apply for GST e-Voucher worth RM 1,000.

The Malaysian government has set aside RM 150 million to provide assistance for SMEs to purchase or upgrade their existing accounting software to meet GST requirements. Each qualified SME application is entitled to a GST e-Voucher of RM 1,000 which can be used against their purchase or upgrade of software.

Steps to apply RM1000 e-Voucher.

Step 1 – Go to register for GST

Step 2 - Register for e-Voucher via

Follow the Instructions & requirements listed on the website.

Step 3 - Redeem your e-Voucher

For upgrading software to GST Compliant Software & new purchase; please call 03-91722228. For more detail please visit or email your details to

Important Notes :

* Conditions for the e-Vouchers are on a first-come, first serve basis, until the quota is reached. Therefore it is strongly advisable to make your application early to avoid disappointment.