Monday, March 16, 2015

Banking & Cash flow E-learning

Record the key steps in the banking & cash flow will be explained in this section
  1. Maintain bank / cash / credit card account.
  2. Explore the banking task flow.
  3. Enter sundry expenses transaction via payment entry.
  4. Enter fund transfer & reimbursement transaction.
  5. Enter payment & print cheque.
  6. Perform bank reconciliation.
I would like to add new bank / cash / credit card account or update existing bank / cash / credit card account

I would like to manage my cash flow via the banking task flow 

I would like to enter sundry expenses and payment transaction

I would like to transfer cash from bank to cash or cash to bank, as well as bank to bank

I would like to enter payment & print cheque

I would like to match the transactions in system against my bank statement via the bank reconciliation

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