Tuesday, March 17, 2015

E-learninig on UBS Inventory

Record the key steps in the inventory management will be learned in this section
  1. Add / Update item.
  2. Add / Update location
  3. Understand various costing methods available in the system.
  4. Enter opening stock.
  5. Perform inventory adjustment, inventory transfer & inventory issue.
  6. Enter item assembly.
  7. Learn how to keep track inventory movement, inventory aging etc.

I would like to add new item / update existing item

I would like to add new location / update existing location 

 I would like to understand various costing methods available and set it up accordingly

I would like to enter opening stock

I found descrepancy between the quantity in the system and my physical stock, I would like to make inventory adjustment

I would like to issue out goods for internal use, for display purpose, loan item to staff etc.

   I would like to perform the production of assembly goods.

I would like to keep track of my inventory movement, inventory aging etc

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