Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SAGE UBS Customer & Sales

Record the key steps in the sales cycle will be explained in this section,

  1. Maintain customer profile.
  2. Maintain sales control, such as allow / not allow zero price, allow / not allow selling above credit limit etc.
  3. Issue quotation to customer and record a sales order from customer.
  4. Create delivery order for goods delivery and record a return when customer returned the goods
  5. Issue invoices and make adjustments via credit note and debit note.
  6. Enter receipt transaction when customer make payment. Create prepayment entry when you collect advance payment from customer.
  7. How to claim back the output tax if customer outstanding is more than 6 months and how to return the output tax to JKDM when customer settled the outstanding.
I would like to add new customer or update existing customer Profile

I would like to setup sales control in the system

My customer asked for a quotation

I received an order from my customer

I collect payment in advance from my customer

I would like to fulfil my customer’s order / My customer returned faulty goods

I would like to issue an invoice to my customer / I would like to make adjustment using credit note or debit note

My customer made payment

My customer’s outstanding is more than 6 months, now I want to claim back the output tax that I have paid

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