Wednesday, April 01, 2015

UBS Utility

Some utility functions in UBS system will be learned in this section 
  1. Enter journal entry via quick entry. 
  2. Maintain and process recurring journal entries 
  3. Recode master data codes. 
  4. Maintain and apply user-defined fields. 
  5. Customize report templates. 
  6. How to check out & check in mobile license. 
  7. How to set up connected services. 

I would like to enter journal entries via quick entry

I have entries that repeat every month, e.g. asset depreciation journal entry, I would like to maintain recurring journal entries

I would like to change the code of come master data, e.g. GL account, Item, Supplier, Customer etc

 I need extra informations on my billing, I would like to use user-defined fields to enter those extra information

I would like to customized some document template, e.g. order, invoice etc to suite my business

I need to work outside the office, I need to install mobile license into my mobile workstation

I would like to receive updates on business via SMS, email etc using connected services

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