Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sage UBS version has been released.

What's New In Sage UBS version

 ·        GST Malaysia: New/ replacement tax codes introduced by Kastam Malaysia.
·         Sorting of GST Bad Debt Relief Listing. 
·         GST Dashboard for Good Received Pending Invoices From Suppliers.
·         Payment - Knock Off Bills.
·         Bad Debt Relief/ Output Tax Adjustment.
·         Bad Debt Recovered/ Input Tax Adjustment.
·         Un-invoiced Delivery Order - Description.
·         GST Returns - Start Date.
·         GST Setting - With GST/ With Malaysia GST/ Malaysia GST.
·         GST Imported Services - GST Reversal.
·         Transaction Limit - V. Edit Button.
·         Transaction Limit Checking.
·         Some useful fixes for program issues.

For more details, please read our Release Notes at .:- Release Note

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Sage Payroll MERDEKA Promotion! Up to 50% Discounts on all Sage Payroll Solutions!

Generate Payroll Accurately, Efficiently and Up-to-Date!
....................................Payroll Made Easy!.................................... 
Do It Right at One Time and Get your Payroll Done Accurately! Manage
Employee Records, Engage, Empower, and Retain Employees!

      Why Sage Payroll?
  Ø LHDN Compliant
  Ø Tested by LHDN
  Ø Latest Statuary Updates for 2016

Why Invest in a  Payroll Software?
 Ø Compliance to LHDN regulations
 Ø Statutory changes for 2016 (EPF,SOCSO,PCB)
 Ø Accurate PCB Calculation
     With only 7 easy steps, fast & accurate!
      Consequences of Manual Payroll
Ø Inaccurate PCB calculation
Ø Hassle in manual checking on statutory changes on the LHDN website, time consuming.
ØNon-compliance of payroll record to latest requirement will result in heavy fines
     Why a Human Resource Management System?
           Ø Easy to manage employees
           Ø Need to keep employee record for 7 years
           Ø Engage, Empower, and Retain Employees
Existing Customers Promotion Price (50%) MYR
New Customers Promotion Price (30%) MYR
Sage Payroll 10
Sage Payroll 25
Sage Payroll 50
Sage Payroll 100
Sage Payroll Premium
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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sage Version Upgrade Promotion: 50% Discount (25 July - 30 August 2016)

Dear Valued Customer,

 Good day to you.

As part of our efforts to serve you better, we are pleased to announce that we are promoting a Version Upgrade Promotion with up to 50% discounts on selected Upgrade Packages!

Version Upgrades will help you access to the latest updates and upgrades to ensure compliance with the latest GST Amendments and directives. Experience worry free and seamless transition into the latest version of UBS complete with the latest statutory compliances so you can keep your Accounting accurately, efficiently and up-to-date!
Promotion Details:

1.    Version Upgrade promotion:

v  50% Discount for Sage UBS product
v  50% Discount for Sage 50 product
v  50% Discount for Sage UBS Payroll

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sage Payroll 2015 – Manage EPF Contribution (8% & Others)

Employee A Basic pay RM3000.00 - EPF contribution rate 8%
Employee B Basic pay RM3000.00 - EPF contribution rate 11%
a) Go to housekeeping > Setup > Government Table

 b) Select EPF table > Click OK
c) EPF rate table
d) Select the Employee A to Table 2 where the EPF employees’ rate is 8%, and Employee B can be remain as Table which is 11%.
e) Process pay for both employee > 2nd half payroll > Management report > The Employee A employees’ EPF as 240. [Correct]

Saturday, July 16, 2016

UBS Bundle Promotion

July 2016 Promotion Offers (Sage UBS + Sage Payroll )
(Call +60 391722228 or email infor@vivid.com.my for more details.)
 Sage UBS Accounting & Billing + Sage Payroll start from
 RM 2,160 (A complete tool to help you to grow your business)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sage Payroll Solutions

.....How is Sage Payroll relevant for businesses?.....
      Frees up resources: Time and Effort
                 From as low as RM 450.00, manage tedious tasks e.g. Maintaining employee
                 records, producing company and governmental reports, managing time sheets
                 is automated with the powerful yet affordable Sage Payroll.
      Statutory Compliance
                 Statutory and Management reports produced instantaneously and accurately
                 EA form, CP39, TP1/2/3, Payroll summary reports, Workforce analysis,
                 Employee joining listing.
      Staying up to date with latest statutory changes
                 EPF (11% to 8% contribution), LHDN (tax rate reduction) and SOCSO
                 (retirement age changes).
      Empowering your workforce:
                 Sage Payroll solution streamlines processes and reduces time consuming
                 processes in managing employee information. It will provide more time to
                 employees to be empowered to deliver greater results.
      Human Resource Management Solutions:
                 Sage HRMS is designed to help companies organize staff, optimize people
                 performance and at the same time build competitive advantage with greater
                 workforce insights. Align your workforce with your business strategy with its
                 powerful analytics, providing visibility into every aspect of your talent pool.
                 Sage Payroll systems integrate with Sage UBS Accounting and Billing or
                 exported in Excel. This gives businesses the ability to keep more accurate
                 financial records, a great plus point for existing Sage UBS users.
For more info, reply this mail or call 03-91722228 to find out more!
                  Call: +60 3-91722228                                               Email: infor@vivid.com.my

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Release Notes for Sage BSM 2015 version

Release Notes for Sage BSM 2015
This release notes covers two sections:
1. Progressive Enhancement (if any)
2. Issues that have been addressed

Version Release date: 27th November 2015
Progressive Enhancements
 GST Report

You can now generate the Goods and Service Tax Report from Sage BSM 2015. You are
able generate the GST Report by Date, Transaction Type and Tax code. All transactions
(both sales and purchases) are grouped by tax code.

To generate the GST Report, please go to Report > Malaysia GST > Goods and Service
Tax Report

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Sage One - Online Accounting Software | Online Bookkeping

Good News For User

Are you looking for Online Accounting Software & Online Bookkeeping Software in the market? New software had release. Here we introduce you Sage One Accounting.

This software allow user to do it online. Please continue read this blog for more information about this product or contact us at 03-91722228 for any enquiry about this software. Hurry, don’t miss out this opportunity.

Simple and Secure Online Accounting
The freedom to run your business anywhere, anytime.
From Sage One, the leader in accounting software

Why Use Sage One
  • Invoicing has never been this easy.
     Whether you are buying from your Suppliers or selling to your Customers, with Sage One your accounting could not be easier. With our Mobile Apps you are even able to invoice and quote on the go!
  • Information right at your fingertips.
    - Nothing is more important to you than the knowledge that your business is on the right track. with our customisable dashboards, you can gain an instant understanding of how your business is performing.
  • Save more time with your banking.
    Import your bank statements instead of capturing each transaction. You will save time by mapping transaction where Sage One will automatically assign the correct accounts each time you import a bank statement.
  • Your own professional Customer Zone!
    Give your customers access to a professional side of your business by enabling your Customer Zone. Your customers will be able to view their invoices online, accept quotes and keep track of their statements!

New Features
Welcome to the world of Online Accounting

Get the Information you Need

For a bird's eye view of your business, the Dashboard is Sage One is the quickest and easiest way to get an overview of how your business is doing. Dashboard Widgets can be added or removed to display only the details most relevant to your business.

Managing your To Do's
The To Do List reminds you of who owes you money to. By clicking on a line in the To Do List , you can drill down to a detailed breakdown of that line, and even further to the individual documents and transaction that make up the balance.
Getting the Bird's Eye View of your Company
See who your best customers are on the dashboard Top Customers by Sales view, or see which Customers you need to keep an eye on in the Dashboard Top Customers by Outstanding Balance view. Want to see how sales are going? Have a look at the Dashboard Sales History graph. Detailed information can be seen by clicking on a bar in the chart. Which of your items is your money spinner? The Dashboard Top Selling items highlights your best performers giving quantities sold and sales values.
Drilling Down to Detailed Information
The Drill Down feature in Sage One lets you look deeper into information that is presented on the screen. This drill down functionality is available on the Dashboard as well as report previews. When working on the Dashboard, for example, you can start by viewing the Sales History graph by month. By clicking on a bar on the graph you will drill down to a daily view of the sales for the month. By drilling down once more, you can view the original invoice.

Similarly, when you preview reports on the screen, the system offers drill down capabilities where possible. This enables you to view more detail about the displayed amount. For example, if you view a list of customers, you can drill down on any customer that has a balance. The drill down will take you to the customer statement, showing you all the transactions that make up the balance. You can then drill down further by clicking on, for example, an invoice, to see the original invoice.
Manage your Customers, Suppliers and Inventory
Using Sage One, you can manage your customers, suppliers and inventory items. As you process, Sage One keeps track of sales per customer and per item, and purchases by supplier and item. You can create customer categories, supplier categories and item categories to analyse your sales.

Customer Information on your Smartphone
The Sage One iPhone* application puts your customer information in the palm of your hands. Log on from wherever you are to view customer information and record notes (which will automatically display in your To Do's on the Dashboard). Search for customers and contact them straight from your iPhone, using your standard phone or email applications. Find your way to your customer's offices using the map links and view your customer's sales history while you are on the go!

Sage One is also available on your Android Device*. For your Android device, you get all the features of the iPhone application plus the option to Process quotes and email these directly to your customers! These applications are available on the Samsung App Store for your smartphone and tablet.

*Available in certain countries only

Easy Invoicing
Create professional invoices quickly and easily using Sage One and find out how easy it is to manage what your customers owe you and how to get paid faster. 

Convert quotations to invoices at the click of a button and use the nifty Use Last Invoice Detail option to quickly and easily generate a new invoice based on the details of the customer's last invoice. Use the Sage One Custom Layout Designer to create your own professional, customized invoice layouts.

The Custom Layout Designer is a Windows application that can be downloaded and used to design customer and supplier invoice and statement layouts.

Recurring Invoices
You can create recurring invoices quickly and easily for each customer that needs to pay you the same amount each month.

You create your recurring invoice once, specify the frequency and the invoice detail, and your invoices will be emailed automatically to each customer for you. Or you can save your recurring invoices as draft invoices for individual finalisation before sending! The Sage One message centre will alert you to any draft invoices that need you attention after a recurring invoice run.

The Sage One Customer Zone
Enable your customers to view their invoices online. Your customers will be able to view and print their own invoices and quotes, and, if you set it up, view their account history with you. You'll even know when your customers have viewed their invoices!

Online Payments

Using Online Payments by Sage Pay*, you can get paid faster. By accepting credit card payments online, your customers can pay you and the payments will be automatically reconciled when you import your bank statement.
*Available in South Africa only

Manage your Bank Accounts
You can manage all your money with unlimited bank and credit card accounts in Sage One. You can easily and quickly process payments, receipts and bank transfers. Sage One will even remember which account, customer or supplier to use based on the description you enter while you are working!

Automatic Bank Statement Feeds
Set up Bank Feeds which allow you to automatically import bank statements into your Sage One bank or credit card accounts from banks and other financial institutions. This saves you having to manually import your bank statements.
Each day when you login to your company, any new transactions available in your bank statement will be available for review in the Bank Statements screen. You will save even more time by mapping transactions where Sage One will automatically assign the correct accounts each time your automated bank statements are refreshed. Managing your bank account could not be easier!
Split your transaction lines when processing to your bank or credit card to allocate a single transaction to more than one account. For example, you may want to split a rates and taxes payment between rates and water accounts.
*Available in certain countries only
Reconciliations and more
Reconcile your bank accounts in seconds and make use of the many reports available in Sage One to view your banking transactions. Use the Banking Dashboard Widget to display your banks and credit cards, with balances, and a graph of the last 2 months movements.
Reporting and Budgets
A comprehensive list of reports is available that you can print or email directly to your customers or to other users in your business. You don't need to be an accountant to print financial reports. Simply view your Profit and Loss report or Balance Sheet. Next time your bank manager asks for these reports, you'll have them on his or her desk in record time!
Reports are available both in the Reports menu and from the many Reports sections on screen in Sage One. Drill down directly to the transactions by clicking on a line in the report if the reports are printed in detail. Choose from the wide range of reports available for customers, suppliers, items, accounts, bank and credit cards and tax.
Analysis Codes
Track how specific areas of your business are performing with Analysis Codes. If your business has different locations, divisions, projects or any other dimensions that you would like to report on or compare to one another, you can achieve this easily.
Use budgets to keep track of your company's performance against targets you have set. You can create annual budgets from scratch or base your budgets on historical data. View your budget using the Budget Report and track your budget performance against your actuals using the Profit and Loss Report with budget comparisons.
Sage One Accountants Edition
The Sage One Accountants Edition is available for accountants and bookkeepers on the Sage One Qualified Adviser Program. This edition allows you to hit the ground running each day with an all-in-one view of your clients. You get access to exactly the same Sage One functionality as your clients on Sage One, plus added features to help you manage your clients and tasks.

As an accountant or bookkeeper that is registered for the Adviser program, you will have access to the Accountants Edition. The Company Console in the Accountants Edition is designed to help you manage and prioritize your day – with a quick snapshot of tasks and alerts that need your attention, a view of your deadlines with quick sorting on financial year ends and VAT submission dates and easy access to what you need with click-through’s straight into your client’s company. You can even get a view of recent transactions in each of your client's companies to check their processing habits and provide well-timed feedback.
The To Do’s are designed to help you keep track of the various accounting or bookkeeping tasks that you do for each of your clients. You can create a single task or one that repeats on a regular schedule, in other words, a recurring task. You can use the To Do tab to manage your tasks, change the task status or login to your client's data. You can also check your client’s Alerts, address any pending Notes and make use of the Calendar to see what is upcoming or to navigate to another day.
Learn more about the Accountants Edition and becoming a Sage One Advisor.
Add Access for your Accountant
Invite your accountant as a user and he or she will be able to login to complete your financials from anywhere in the world. You can also invite additional users to work on the same data simultaneously, with user permissions allowing you to control access to your company information. The Accountant's Area is available for your accountant to process Journal Entries and Tax Adjustments, ensuring that your books are always an accurate and reliable record of your business.
Mobile Apps for Sage One!
The Sage One mobile apps put your customer and accounting information in the palm of your hands! Log on from wherever you are to view customer information, record notes, search for customers and contact them directly from your device. Find your way to your customer's offices using map links and process quotes and invoices – all on the go!
The Sage One iPhone application gives you access to your customer information. You can contact your customers straight from your iPhone, using your standard phone or email applications. You can even find your way to your customer's offices using the map links.
Sage One is also available on your Android Device. For your Android device, you get all the features of the iPhone application plus the option to Process quotes and email these directly to your customers. These applications are available on the Samsung App Store for your smartphone and tablet.
The Sage One Windows 8 App gives you an up-to-date, bird’s eye view of your business. See your sales and purchases for the day, your bank balances and a yearly view of your sales – this year vs. last year. Add your favourite customers and suppliers and view up to date information on them, check your due and overdue tasks, process quotes and invoices and email these directly to your customers.
*Available in certain countries only

Sample Report.

The packages that we offered are as below Monthly RM29.00 and Yearly RM313.20.

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