Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Overview of UBS Sage Cover

Users wonder what is Sage Cover during purchasing the UBS products and below are some related information:

A) What is Sage cover?
* Is a product assurance & protection plan specially designed for you, UBS users to meet the increasing demand for business & IT needs.
* Provides you a smarter way to upgrade your software every time.
* Ensure that you get the most of your investment in IT.
* Annual fee is a small fraction of your software’s Standard Retail Price (SRP).
* High yield but low cost product assurance.

B) Why Sage Cover?
* Protects your software investment.
* Gives you greater value through its benefits range.
* Ensures your rights for future enhancements.

C) As a subscriber, you enjoy the following benefits?
* Replacement of spoilt dongle with software activation
* Software updates
* Version upgrades

D) How to subscribe to Sage Cover?
* New User – When you purchase UBS software
* Existing User, Not yet a Subscriber
- When you upgrade to the latest version of your software
- When you add users from one user to concurrent users
- When you replace spoilt USB dongle with software activation

E) Sage Cover is available for:
sage cover

F) How do you renew your Sage Cover plan?
* UBS will send you the Renewal Notice 1 month before your expiry date.
* Available renewal options are: 1 or 3 years.
* You can renew through Partner, Associated
* Late charges of RM100 applies for renewals made 1 month after expiry.
* Your Sage Cover Plan will self-terminate 3 months from expiry if no renewal is done.

For enquiry or purchase order, please call 03-91722228. For more detail please visit www.vivid.com.my

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