Tuesday, May 26, 2015

UBS System E-learning

In this section, you will learn how to setup & maintain Sage UBS : 
  1. Location to download the installer and steps to install the system. 
  2. Setting up client-server environment (if need to). 
  3. Activate license, deactivate license, reactivate license. 
  4. Backup data & restore data. 
  5. Create new user and assign the access rights. 
  6. Understand how online update works. 
  7. Migrate data from lower version of Sage UBS (version 9.1 and above).  

I would like to download the installer and install the system

I would like to activate license / deactivate & reactivate license

I would like to learn how to link client PC to server

I would like to backup / restore data

I would like to add new user / update user profile / assign user access rights

I would like to understand how to get my system updated

I would like migrate data from lower version of Sage UBS (9.1 and above)    

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