Monday, July 11, 2016

Sage Payroll Solutions

.....How is Sage Payroll relevant for businesses?.....
      Frees up resources: Time and Effort
                 From as low as RM 450.00, manage tedious tasks e.g. Maintaining employee
                 records, producing company and governmental reports, managing time sheets
                 is automated with the powerful yet affordable Sage Payroll.
      Statutory Compliance
                 Statutory and Management reports produced instantaneously and accurately
                 EA form, CP39, TP1/2/3, Payroll summary reports, Workforce analysis,
                 Employee joining listing.
      Staying up to date with latest statutory changes
                 EPF (11% to 8% contribution), LHDN (tax rate reduction) and SOCSO
                 (retirement age changes).
      Empowering your workforce:
                 Sage Payroll solution streamlines processes and reduces time consuming
                 processes in managing employee information. It will provide more time to
                 employees to be empowered to deliver greater results.
      Human Resource Management Solutions:
                 Sage HRMS is designed to help companies organize staff, optimize people
                 performance and at the same time build competitive advantage with greater
                 workforce insights. Align your workforce with your business strategy with its
                 powerful analytics, providing visibility into every aspect of your talent pool.
                 Sage Payroll systems integrate with Sage UBS Accounting and Billing or
                 exported in Excel. This gives businesses the ability to keep more accurate
                 financial records, a great plus point for existing Sage UBS users.
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