Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sage UBS version has been released.

What's New In Sage UBS version

 ·        GST Malaysia: New/ replacement tax codes introduced by Kastam Malaysia.
·         Sorting of GST Bad Debt Relief Listing. 
·         GST Dashboard for Good Received Pending Invoices From Suppliers.
·         Payment - Knock Off Bills.
·         Bad Debt Relief/ Output Tax Adjustment.
·         Bad Debt Recovered/ Input Tax Adjustment.
·         Un-invoiced Delivery Order - Description.
·         GST Returns - Start Date.
·         GST Setting - With GST/ With Malaysia GST/ Malaysia GST.
·         GST Imported Services - GST Reversal.
·         Transaction Limit - V. Edit Button.
·         Transaction Limit Checking.
·         Some useful fixes for program issues.

For more details, please read our Release Notes at .:- Release Note

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